May the moon and stars pour their healing lights on you.

Deep peace of a quiet earth to you.

-Celtic Blessing

My impulse to serve is an inner imperative, a calling from my higher Self. 

I am dedicated to my inner work and personal transformation, for I recognise that the more whole and integrated I become, the more I have to offer my clients and the world we share.

My interest in health and healing began in my early 20's when I was recovering from substance abuse.  I found that a combination of alternative therapies and psychotherapy worked best to address all aspects of my being from the physical to the spiritual.  Through this work on myself I cultivated a deep appreciation and love for the mind-body connection and the mysteries of healing. 

In 1993 after years of self-exploration, spiritual study, and healing work, I moved from my home in Northern California to Austin, Texas.

My first month in town I took a Reiki level 1 course.  It was during this course that I discovered my desire to help people change and improve their lives.  My studies have continued and are ongoing (see Education and Certifications, below).

I bring together the gifts of intuition and compassion, along with more than 20 years of practical experience in private practice, health spas, and corporate settings.

It is my intention to hold a safe space for you to have the experience you need to move towards greater health and wellbeing.

Education And Certifications

            2017 - Gong Practitioner training

            2016 - Contemporary Cupping Methods certification

            2016 - Kundalini Yoga Level 2 training - LifeStyles and LifeCycles

            2013 - present   Milne Institute Visionary Craniosacral Work

            1998/2010 - Upledger Craniosacral Therapy

            2008 - American College of Healthcare Sciences 200 hr Clinical Aromatherapy training

            2003 - Aura Soma Level 1 Certification

            2002 - Kundalini Yoga KRI Certification 200 hr RYT

            2000 - Resonace Repatterening Level 1 Certification   

            1998 - Process Acupressure training

            1998 - Zero Balancing Certification

            1996 - Reiki Level 3 Teacher

            1994 - Reiki Level 2

            1993 - 1995 - The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School- 750 hr massage and bodywork training

            1993 - Reiki Level 1


Work Experience

           1994-2004; 2008 - present   Private massage & bodywork practice, Austin TX   

           1994 - 2004; 2008 - present   Whole Foods Market, on-site chair massage, Austin TX

           2010-2016   Myo Massage Clinic

           2012-2015   CLEAResult, on-site employee massage

           2008-2009   Milk & Honey Spa

           2005-2008   Whole Foods Market, on-site chair massage, Princeton NJ

           2004-2008   Princeton Center For Yoga & Health, private massage and bodywork practice, Kundalini yoga teacher

           2002-2003   Yoga Yoga, Kundalini yoga teacher, Austin TX

           1996-2003;  Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, Massage Therapy Instructor, Austin TX

On-Going Trainings

            Milne Institute Craniosacral Work

            Kundalini Yoga

            Clairvision School of Meditation  


Memberships and Affiliation  


            National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

            Texas State Licensed Massage Therapist

            Kundalini Reasearch Institute

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