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Alchemy:  the transformation of something so that the real potential shines out of it.

Today our lives are filled with so much abundance.  Activities, opportunities, information, work, relationships, entertainment – they pour into our worlds at a sometimes overflowing rate.   All too often, our cups runneth over. Finding and maintaining a core of peace and balance helps us to excel and to enjoy each aspect of life. Given the nature of our rich lives...

Vibrant Health is today's
Modern Alchemy

With more than 25 years in private practice as a massage and bodywork therapist, my role is to help you find a calm, balanced center at the vortex of your demanding life.  Because each human is unique, so is each Modern Alchemy bodywork session. I customize each bodywork session to your specific needs.


No matter what your wellness needs are, I am passionate about helping you feel more balanced, awake, and alive in your body and in your life!

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