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When considering where to get a massage in Austin, reading reviews is a great way to know if someone is a match for you. Here are just a few of the things my clients have to say about my services:
Katrina Baecht Testimonial

"I've been seeing Devi for about 8 years now, and she is an absolutely amazing massage therapist.  The reason I have seen her so consistently is that she truly listens to what I need and want.  After being to a number of massage therapists who believe they know best what I need despite me telling them very specifically what I am feeling (and then walking away hurting more than when I went in), it's so refreshing to have someone who takes the time not only to listen to my words but also my body. Devi has really helped me grapple with and resolve some long term back issues: she is amazing at figuring out what is going wrong with my back and figuring out how to get it to release.  She checks in with me throughout our visit in order to get feedback and her inviting manner makes me feel comfortable voicing my needs.  Not only is she an exceptionally talented therapist, but she is also a kind, peaceful, and generous person in her own right.  She makes me feel completely comfortable and relaxed in her presence. She is a true joy to work with!"

~Katrina Baecht, Writer/Entreperneur 

Heather Joyce Wolfe Testimonial

"Devi is a wonderful healer, using massage as her medium. She is very skilled in many ways, and I feel the Divine come through her hands for me, as she intuits or is guided to work with my body. Apart from all that she is delightful, and knows how to be completely present in the moment - a great gift, showing her level of spiritual awareness and integrity. Thank you Devi - I look forward to my next visit!"

~Heather Joyce Wolfe R.N., Board Certified Polarity Practitioner

Kate Bennett Testimonial

"Over the past 40 years I've treated myself to a massage on rare occasions. They were nice but never felt like anything but a treat. Then I had a massage from Devi. I knew immediately that this was as vital for my body as exercise and water. I see Devi once a month and continue to be amazed at the gifts she brings to each session.


No matter what is going on with me, she finds it and treats it. Generally it's integrated massage and cupping therapy, once cranoosacral work. I cannot recommend Devi's services highly enough. Go. You will be glad you did."

~Kate Bennett, Project Manager

Shannon Lavine Testimonial

Devi has been my massage therapist for around 8 years.  Being a hairstylist, I have often been in need of shoulder, neck and back work.  Devi has definitely had a hand in clearing my aches and pains.  She is versed in many techniques, and is always staying on her game through continuing education and certification.  She incorporates her knowledge of massage, essential oils, yoga, meditation and cranial sacral work to help you feel your very best.  She is professional, yet personable.  She is centered and grounded.  She truly cares about wellness and whole being.  Working with Devi has been a true pleasure.  She comes highly recommended in my book.  Enjoy!"

~Shannon Lavine, Hairstylist

"I have had the privilege of having a number of sessions with Devi during my travels to Austin.  My work takes me to many countries, and I have experienced amazing bodywork during my travels, but nothing compares to the depth of work I've experienced with Devi.

Her touch is very intuitive.  She has this knack of knowing just what my body needs; knowing when to be strong and when to pull back. She knows how to go deep into my muschles or 'knots', and stretch them out in a firm, controled way without the usual brute force I so often experience.

Moreover, l highly recommend her cranial work.  I have experienced only one session, but during it I fell into a deep sleep state that was profoundly rejuvenating and nourishing to my body and mind."   


~ Patrick Ong, Film Director, Singapore

Patrick Ong Testimonial
Caroline Yeong Testimonial

"I love Devi's cupping massage!  It speeds up my recovery from a hard workout and calms my nervous system.  By the end of the session my mind and body feel balanced and integrated.  A truly unique treatment."

~Caroline Yeong, Personal Trainer/Yoga Teacher

Gale Gassiot Testimonial

"Best massage ever!!  Devi unlocked my shoulders in one session."

~Gale Gassiot, Artist

Mandy Mercier Testimonial

"Devi has been a source of comfort and regeneration for me for over 15 years.  Her credentials as a massage therapist are impeccable.  Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Reiki and other modalities are used and often combined, depending on my body’s state of tension, alignment and energetic flow. 

Another specialty of Devi’s I’ve recently become acquainted with is cranio-sacral therapy; these treatments leave me with a deep feeling of peace and release."

~Mandy Mercier, Musician

"It’s been a real treat to experience body work with Devi since moving to Austin nine years ago. I’ve benefited from her desire to broaden her knowledge and skills, but most of all, I’ve benefited from the way she aligns herself with my energy and what my body needs. It’s definitely not a one-size-for-all attitude. The most recent visit was a “cupping” session, where Devi fine-tuned my sore back muscles. I first heard about this type of therapy during the 2016 Olympic Games, when athletes from different types of sports talked about its benefits. Now that I’ve experienced it, cupping could easily become a “must” in my healthy living regime.

One last thing – I absolutely love Devi’s work space. It’s serene, calm and has windows that open onto a quiet garden space. Lovely.

~Ruth Gardner-Loew, Healthy Living Consultant

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